Artificial Grass Online – consider 5 things before buying

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Artificial Grass

It’s not only your budget which needs consideration while designing your garden with artificial grass. Artificial grass installation is just like doing aninvestment and if you want a long lasting artificial grass, then better choose wisely.
Once you get to know about the varieties of artificial grass, you will able to distinguish between the good and the bad ones. So, don’t worry that much and have a look over these top 5 things you should consider before you make the purchase.
1. Foot-Traffic
Consider artificial grass as per the amount of traffic in the prescribed area; having pets or kids make you think twice before buying artificial turfs because you’ll need highly durable and quality artificial grass which also have a soft and non-abrasive touch.
2. Quality
Quality artificial grass are easily noticeable as they are evenly backed, well stitched consistency in colour. Look for artificial grass manufacturers or suppliers that offer a range of products and compare all of them and choose what fits you.
If you wish to buy artificial grass online, requesting samples will be a good idea for not getting stuck with unwanted product.

3. Density and Weight
Turf density enhances your lawn’s appearance and are durable in high traffic areas. Also, consider the load limit of your balcony or roof if you are planning to install artificial turf there as dense turfs have heavy weighed.
4. Colour
Artificial grass comes in various shades of green- olive green, lime green, darker green, and more. Take samples while buying turf of any colour and check how they look in sunlight.

5. Maintenance

Artificial grass do not need heavy maintenance but a regular wiping; hence helps saving water. No cutting and renovation is needed here with synthetic turfs which ensures less hassle, low maintenance and a peace of mind!

You can buy artificial grass online these days as there are terrace and garden product manufacturers & leading artificial grass suppliers in Delhi. For further more information you can keep in touch with D’Spaze.

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