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Wall Panels in India
Types of Wall Panels in India
November 25, 2017
wall panels in India
Wall panels in India – Must have trends to look in 2018
December 12, 2017
wall panel suppliers in Delhi

Wall panels are perfect modifiers of interiors of a place. They are prevalent in spaces like homes, offices, hotels, etc. due to their specifications which makes them applicable at all such places. Wall panels in India, were not this much popular in earlier days, but now-a-days designer wall panels are gaining popularity in the country.

Wall panelling enhances the look of the interior persona of homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, computer labs etc. D’Spaze is among leading wall Panels suppliers in Delhi. They are innovative at the first place when it comes to designer interior home materials. Some of the USPs of D’Spaze are WPC wall panels, WPC decking, laminated wooden flooring, artificial grass, and imitation marble sheets.

Some of the best features of wall panels which makes you go for it like crazy, are:
1. Fire proof, rot proof , damp proof and rust proof
Designer wall panels are not just best at looks, but also fire resistant, rot proof, and rust proof which enhance endurance of your home, office, or whichever place you are installing them.

2. Water proof and heat proof
Wall panels are very popular in the bathroom and kitchen areas as they are water-repellent and mould resistant.

3. Easy maintenance
They require only a low maintenance,and when you want to clean them, it does not take you long. Due to the smooth surface of the panels, dirt does not gather in pores or cracks.

4. Recyclable
Our PVC ceiling panels can be taken to any plastic recycling centre. No further finishing or care required after installation – no paint, no lack, no varnish.

5. Cost-effective
Light in weight and easy to install can save a lot of time and man power cost.

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