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Imitation Marble gives you benefit from both worlds

Imitation Marble gives you benefit from both worlds

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imitation marble sheets in Delhi

Imitation Marble is a result of global innovation that has rapidly transformed the environment around us. Gone are the days when people had to mandatorily depend on real marbles to give a classic finish to their home decors. Imitation Marble, also known as Cultured Marble, is here to offer you an array of benefits.


So what is it?


As the name suggests, Imitation Marble is artificial marble. So, you can say that this marble is not associated with the stone directly, as in, not derived from natural stones. Imitation marble is made from mixing stone with thermoplastic resins under high pressure, thereafter taking the marble form.   Most of the people might be sceptical and wondering about the difference. So, imitation marble is structurally much denser and harder in comparison to natural limestone. Marble, after all, is a natural substance and quite porous in nature and Cultured Marble systematically negates this drawback. Another stark difference is the glossy and matte finish of imitation marble. Such traits are not visible in natural marble stone.


Why Imitation Marble Emerges Victorious in the Comparison?

Value for money


Compared to natural marble, Imitation Marble is way more economical. One of the many reasons for being a hit with home buyers and interior decorators. Ranging from standard public restrooms and facilities to bespoke kitchen and bathroom installations, it has now found extensive and regular use. Maintenance is also  easy on the pocket. You can quickly wipe away the dust and grim with sponge and cleaning solution. Additionally, as against natural marble which has minute pores along its surface, Cultured Marble offers higher resistance against stains, water seepage, and dangers of chipping away.


As good as it gets


An exciting benefit, Imitation Marble in comparison to its natural counterpart offers different shapes and sizes to choose from. Since the production of imitation marble is through artificial means, enthusiastic interior designers get seamless moulding, shapes, and curves as an assured feature. For those particular about colours, there’s good news here too, as Cultured Marble has a more magnificent array of shades to offer. Also, the pattern and finish of the designs are more consistent as compared to naturally occurring marbles which are shaped by the forces of nature.


Advantage of an engineering marvel


Like all materials arising out of persistent engineering endeavors, Cultured Marble offers the benefit of both worlds. While on  one hand, you have the classy looks and appeals of natural marble, Imitation Marble removes its structural drawbacks and throws an added incentive regarding reasonably affordable costs to woo buyers into using them on their way to create their dream interiors.

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