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Types of Wall Panels in India

Types of Wall Panels in India

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Wall Panels in India

Wall panels

When you enter a house or building, there are few things you get attracted to at the very first sight which include the walls, floors, ceilings and the add-on decoration done as a showpiece.To add persona to home interiors, people are now-a-days installing innovative indoor design products. These are in trend because of their unique designs, better finishing, and authentic material.

To magnify home interiors, every sides and edges are revived through various products such as, wall panels, floor solutions, ceiling panels, and bathroom wall panels. Here we are talking about types of wall panels in India which contributes in the revitalisation of interior places, including home &commercial.

1. PVC Wall Panels: One of the best wall panel available, PVC wall panels are light weighed wall panels which can be designed according to different sizes, dimensions and surfaces to fit the living spaces. Due to its water-proof & anti termite character PVC panels can be installed on damp walls too.
2. Mahogany: Wall panel suppliers often suggest Mahogany as a great wall panel material as it comes in a brownish colour and forest shades, is durable, and has elegant impression.
3. Smoked Oak: One of the WPC wall panels, smoked oak panels come in a grey colour which is the essence of its beauty. These panels are ideal in securing walls from unwanted scratches, dirt and decay.
4. Elegant Silk: These panels looks fascinating in its deep brownish colour and enhance the beauty of the walls after installation. They are also crack resistant which influence the customers more towards buying elegant silk wall panels.
5. Supreme White: They look beautiful due to their supreme white colour. Available in various designs, sizes and lengths, these supreme white panels enhance places wherever installed.

D’Spaze is a prominent wall panel supplier of a vast range of unmatched modular wall panels, with different categories where products and services can be curated as per the client’s requirements.

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