Features of 3D Foam Stickers

Wall covering solution: Elegant and economical. You can plan your own designing with mix and match of different 3D XPE stickers. Cushion provides safety to children.
Surface: Textured three dimensional surface, easy to clean and maintain.
Safety: No harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury). Nontoxic, odour free, waterproof and proof.
DIY product for Indian conditions: Self-adhesive, can be cut by a and need to just peel off the back paper and stick to the wall surface.
Noise reduction: Helps in noise reduction
Usage: Best suited for the living room, play room, bedroom, , restaurants, hotels and schools

Installation methods and tools:
  1. Surface preparation: Surface should be cleaned properly. Lesser the undulations on the surface, better the installation. Surface should not have loose particles and should not be wet.
  2. Finalise the design: In case more than one sticker designs/colours have to be used, prepare the design as per the plan on paper based on the dimension of the walls and stickers.
  3. Cut, Peel and Stick: In case, cutting is required by the design or dimensional constrained, the exact dimensions for cutting the sticker right. Peel off the back paper and stick on the wall.

  1. Dimensions may vary from 0-3 mm.
  2. Colour in the picture and actual colour may differ a little from lot to lot.