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WPC Decking Installation Guide

WPC Decking Installation Guide

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WPC Decking

Allow your WPC decking for a day to adjust to the temperature & conditions before you start installing them finally as you get your decking delivery at home. Avoid installing them during winters. Your WPC decking boards can also be installed using ordinary woodworking tools. Your WPC boards should have support while you cut them. Always ensure safety measures while doing so; wear protective clothes, safety goggles, gloves and a dust mask for building works.

Follow these hassle-free steps for installing WPC decking and get rid of the burden:

  1. Build a supporting substructure

The base of decking must be flat and stable. Also, make sure the WPC decking is fixed to joists instead of laying down on floors directly. It may vary according to the decking material.

Use a 10 cm thick concrete base with a slight slope. It is mostly suggested to use a gradient of 1 in 80; having said that we mean it allows the water getting collected under the deck for the run-off.

  1. Fixing the boards and joists

Now start with placing your first board using a row of starter clips into each of the joists. After this fit the T-clips into the groove along the side of the board and screw them into each supporting joists with the screws provided, one T-Clip for each supporting joist.

Fit your next deck onto the T-Clips in a sliding manner. Follow a similar procedure to fix subsequent planks similarly attaching the final plank to your first.

  1. Finishing WPC Decking

Fastening your WPC decking is not enough, next step is to make the sides of the deck tidy and finished with WPC skirting and corner trims. It is important for hiding the ends of boards & supporting joists which were left unfinished.

Screw the skirting trims directly into joists using wood screws. Leave a gap of at least 8mm between skirting trims and the sides of boards. It allows them expansion in case of an increase in temperature.

You can even opt for WPC decking online these days with so many dealers having online presence selling WPC decking in India. D’Spaze do all this for you having years of experience in the industry. Reach us for buying WPC decking online.

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