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Feel the magic of Laminate Wooden Flooring

Feel the magic of Laminate Wooden Flooring

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February 19, 2018
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Home is a space from where you begin each day and where you eventually come back to when the day ends. And while home lays out the foundation of your life, it will augur well to pay particular attention to the foundation of your home – yes, the all-important flooring!


The world of laminate wooden flooring


Flooring can be of various types, including hardwood, vinyl, engineered stone, ceramic, etc. However, for optimum satisfaction level, Vinyl flooring is always preferred. It gives your home that classic old-world charm while offering modern architectural benefits at the same time. Without really using any regular wood, such kind of flooring can give you a similar finish with an image of wood on the top.

What lies beneath


The laminated wooden floor is the product of multiple layers of wood fused together. It neither uses wood in its natural form nor plastic.  The basal segments contain fibreboard or hardboard of high density, compressed profusely to give robustness to the structure. The upper layer comprises a coating made from cellulose further polished with resin, to mimic natural wood finishing.


Ease of handling gives it the edge

This type of flooring is very simple to install and has easy handling options. Installation is straightforward and will typically involve a much faster time when compared to other conventional types of surfaces. Vinyl flooring does not use glue. Instead, planks can be cut and joined as per the right alignment of edges. The joints can naturally lock into each other, thus creating a smooth and seamless finish. Also, maintenance of such a surface is easy as it offers a fair degree of protection against abrasion or scratches made by furniture.


A few other points


This type of flooring is in Abrasion Class (AC) rating, and buyers are advised to go for AC2 to AC4 products to expect the best in durability. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid its usage in the bathroom and other moisture-ridden areas. Cost of laminate flooring is pretty low in comparison to other available options. Also, regular availability in a rich variety of colours, ranging from Oak, Maple, Teak to Coffee shades has won over the hearts of millions of home buyers effortlessly.


Thus, considering all factors, it can evidently be concluded that Laminate wooden flooring has kind of revolutionized the world of interior designing and will continue to rule the mind of the stakeholders even in years to come.

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