Wall panels in India – Must have trends to look in 2018

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November 28, 2017
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December 16, 2017
wall panels in India

The interiors of a home celebrate the kind of attitude and style its residents have. Also, it shows the lives and feelings of those living within it. The interior of homes is the external reflection of the hearts and minds of the owners.

The best way to be impressive is to stay updated with latest trends no matter it is your new home or the one ready for a renovation. No matter it is for floors, modular wall panels, walls, windows, or cabinets, this new year is going to be a fantastic year showcasing new modern interior designsas 2017 draws to a close.

  1. Have some style walls

People often misunderstand the concept of renovation as they tend to repaint their home or paint a new one just to look great. If you want your home to look stylish this year, give a knotted glory through installing designer wall panels in India.

  1. Focus on a statement wall or two

D’Spaze has an excellent record among the wall panel suppliers that focus only on innovation with designs displaying grand and unique interior design statements. Choose the perfect WPC wall panels suiting your style or customise your walls with multiwall panelling designs.

  1. Go all out, but keep it light

A balcony is a place you love to spend leisure time; hence it must be covered in white oak in the name Supreme White at D’Spaze is available and can be installed from floor to ceiling.

  1. Play with the widths of the panels

Slim strips of Mahogany wood make up the slatted wall.Extra-wide Pearl Leather Panels mirror the floor planks to “minimise the preciousness”.

  1. Add architectural detail

Avoid making your interior space overly rustic and frame out each of the WPC wall panels. Create a geometric effect in the hallway with moulding installed on top of washed oak boards for an elegant look.

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