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Novel Modular Wall Panels on offer

Novel Modular Wall Panels on offer

modular wall panels
DSpaze offers variety in modular wall panels!
January 12, 2018
imitation marble sheets in Delhi
Imitation Marble gives you benefit from both worlds
February 19, 2018
modular wall panels

buy modular wall panels online

Modular Wall Panels are now extensively being used all over the world to give a new dimension to the internal architecture of a building. These are segments of artificial walls created for the purpose to meet with specified objectives.  The benefits of using such wall panels are profound. Some of them are:-

Creation of Demarcated Areas – While being part of a more excellent floor plan, particular areas can be created by separating them with modular walls, thereby demarcating those secluded areas. You can do so for privacy issues. In this way, any household can create spaces for people having a separate area on the same floor.


Noise Reduction – Unwarranted noise can be considerably reduced thus ensuring higher productivity for focussed groups. These controlled environments are now getting increasingly popular at workplaces.

Portability and Re-use – The character of modern floor space is fully dynamic, and the objective of altering sections of the floor or reassigning use by newer groups can be easily facilitated by having flexible wall panels.


Comparison to cost and user experience of brick walls – Brick laying is a regular procedure incurring standard costs in the process. Compared to that, modular wall panels are less expensive and can regularly offer alterations without compromising on the structural stability of the building.


Catering to a variety of use – Not just with interiors, such wall panels are extremely popular when providing landscapes to exterior facilities like boundary walls, pool fences, open shopping malls, etc.


The structural secret of modular walls:


Modular wall panels can come in a variety of options – ranging from those using Gypsum, Steel, Fiberglass, Hardboard, or further customized materials. Those using gypsum use Vinyl Gypsum on the outer layers with polystyrene acting as the inner cushioning surface. While Polystyrene is mostly regular as the material for the core, outer surfaces may vary from Embossed Steel, Solid Wood, Plywood to Fiberglass. The thickness can also be changed based on the specific needs.


Other features:


When going for Modular Wall Panels, make sure to choose the one which suits your specific requirements and one that offers best features. Most come with proven fire-rated surfaces and those which can be easily painted and laminated. Versatility also comes in degrees of noise reduction, resistance to wind, easy option of attaching objects to the surface of the panels, attachment of further tiles to the modular walls, etc.


The real novelty of Modular Wall Panels is that with these by your side you can alter your landscape to degrees not imagined before. Try them out today!

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